How to Prepare Metal for A Dip

How do I prepare metal for a “dip”?

If you are sending your project in for a “dip”, we do not do any metal preparation for you.  It must arrive in the shop completely rust-free and polished to your satisfaction.  Please do not send any rusty parts for a dip – no matter how light the rust, bluing will not eliminate it.

Preparation should include stripping old bluing, then bead blasting with an abrasive (e.g. glass bead or aluminum oxide) to remove rust, followed by polishing from lower to higher grits.  It is important that you properly oil and package your prepared metal, as surface rust can form in a very short period of time, especially in transit environments.

When we receive your firearm, we will evaluate it to be sure there is no rust present, and then run it through the bluing tanks in the next bluing session.  If rust is present we will contact you regarding your options.

If you have aluminum parts that accompany your dip, we can Cerakote those parts for an extra fee.

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